Saturday, September 09, 2006

Patricia O'Callaghan's Naked Beauty May Be The Sound Track

Our film is going to be an international film and so I have decided to see the possibility of using the sound track of Patricia O'Callaghan's Naked Beauty for the scenes of the art exhibition and as the musical inspiration for Tonye's oil painting of the naked beauty of Oma. So that we can strike a chord with the Canadian 'cabaret' Songstress Patricia O'Callaghan's Naked Beauty

The director Chika Onu and I are expanding the screenplay to make Koko the villain. And Koko will attempt to rape Oma. But he failed and ran away from the village. He later re-appeared to join the gang of vandals who wanted to steal crude oil from the leaking oil pipeline and his scuffle with another greedy vandal with the clash of metals caused the explosion of the oil pipeline.

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